Are you tired of waiting for your guests to arrive?

Manage your check-ins remotely and take back your life with Vikey

Do you outsource every check-in?

With Vikey you can save up to 90% on the cost of your check-in

Your guest wants to arrive at 2 am?

Give your guests the chance to arrive at any time with Vikey

How it works

Forget citywide crossings, sudden unexpected changes, cancelled flights, and long waits while expecting your guests. With Vikey’s utter innovation, guests can get into the apartment opting for their preferred check-in procedure, rendering their experience more pleasant, while keeping high safety and security standards.

Remote Check-in

The remote check-in was conceived to be as easy as possible. The guest doesn’t even have to be noticed of Vikey’s services in order to check into the apartment. He will simply ring your intercom and be immediately able to speak to you, the host, wherever you are. During the call you will confirm the guest’s identity and be able to open both your building entrance door as well as your apartment door. The remote check in is really easy, consisting of just 3 basic steps.

  • The guest rings the intercom
  • The host speaks with the guest and opens the doors for him.
  • The guest enters the apartment.

Self Check-in

The self check-in is even easier. Add a reservation for your new guest on our Vikey Dashboard. The guest will be notified of Vikey’s presence and of its functionalities through a detailed email, along with his personal code (valid for the sole length of his stay). The “Temporary Key” respects all sorts of security and encryption. The guest thus has the keys to the apartment before his arrival, and enters the apartment through our Vikey App with no hassle.

  • The guest downloads Vikey’s App
  • The host enables the booking
  • The guest enters the apartment autonomously

Product Features

Thanks to Vikey you will be able to delegate most time-consuming (and economically burdensome) house-related tasks. Your apartments will evolve and your business will make a giant leap forward, due to a management with no hassle and a great deal of ensured positive feedbacks.

Host-Guest Chat

Thanks to Vikey’s APP you will be able to chat with your guests.

Guest Documentation

Your guests will be able to send you their personal documents in advance, directly through the safety of our Vikey APP.

Access Management

Don’t stop at check-ins. Open your apartment for cleaning and maintenance services too.

Always with you

Manage Vikey from wherever you are, through our App on your mobile devices of directly from the desktop of your home computer.

Privacy & Safety

Vikey is made up of non-invasive technology, which will never involve any building-related equipment or permits.

Support & Feedback

Your guests’ opinion and their positive web feedbacks mean more earnings for you in the long run.

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What they say about us

Some comments from loyal Vikey Hosts and Guests.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I communicate with my guests through Vikey?

You will receive a call on your mobile phone when your guests ring the intercom of your building. You will be able to communicate with them and open the building’s main entrance by simply pressing 5.

2. What if I don’t have phone signal?

It is possible to set up a phone number to which calls will be forwarded in case your phone isn’t reachable. This phone number can be changed at any time.

3. How do I access my personal area?

You can access your personal area through our website from PC, tablet and smartphone, or download our App available for both iOS and Android devices.

4. I would like for someone else to take care of my check-ins, how do I do that

You can change the referential phone number at any time. You will simply have to access your personal area, click on the apartment whose information you want to modify, and click on “Change Phone).

5. What if there are certain scheduled times when I don’t wish to be disturbed?

Vikey allows you to choose time slots during which you wish to receive phone calls. You will simply have to access your personal area, click on the apartment whose information you want to modify, and click on “Time Slots”. You can also pick between “Always Active” and “Always Inactive” modes.

6. In order to open the apartment for my guests, do I have to necessarily receive a phone call?

Vikey gives you the chance to open your apartment at any time. You will simply have to access your personal area, click on the selected apartment, and press “Open Intercom”, with no need to verbally communicate with your guests, if you don’t wish to.

7. I have set up my apartment as “Always Inactive”, what does that mean?

Setting up Vikey as “Always Inactive” means you won’t receive any phone call but you will still be able to control your Vikey through your personal area, and open the apartment if you desire.

8. How will I know if the apartment is out of power or if my internet connection is offline?

Our system will immediately notify you that your Vikey is offline via email. You will also be notified once the Vikey is online again. In this way, you will have the management of your check-in in your hands at all times.

9. I changed the password or the name of the WiFi and I received an email from the system warning me that my Vikey is offline. What can I do?

Vikey uses your WiFi connection, thus, it has to be reconfigured. Call us and our technicians will come and reconfigure your Vikey.y