Installation - No Building Permits Required

As the Vikey is installed within your own apartment, there is no need to request building permits.

Installation within the apartment

The Vikey installation is simple and can be done by any technician.
If you prefer, Vikey technical network is at your disposal.


Connection to the apartment intercom handset

Vikey will connect to the intercom in order to open the building door. 
Thanks to the integration with existing apartment intercoms, Vikey is able to remotely perform all the normal functions of an intercom.


Connection to the apartment door

Vikey Lock replaces the European cylinder of your home door to allow remote opening.
Alternatively, we will electrify your front door by installing an electric strike.

Our solutions for your apartment door

Contact us for a free inspection, we will guide you in choosing the best solution.
Vikey Lock

Compatible with armored and non-armored doors
No keys
Connecting to Vikey Full or Mini via Bluetooth

Easy and reversible installation

 European cylinders only

Electric Strike

No change of lock necessary
The guest can lock the door for his/her own security

The door must not be doubly locked during check-in
Installation required on the door


No installation required on the door
Manual opening of the keybox
You can enter the keybox code in our system and we will provide it to your guest

Door check-in is not automated 

In need of an technician for the installation?

Our technical network is at your disposal throughout the Italian territory and upon request also in Europe. Contact us to organize a free inspection.
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